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Parkside Parkway Cameras

Parkside Parkway is being extended, bringing a great deal more traffic our way. The HOA is adding security cameras to the entrances on this road in an effort to deter crime and aide the Sheriff's Department in investigations. Read further for details

Parkside Parkway Cameras

You may have noticed the installation of the security cameras at the front and back entrances of the neighborhood on Parkside Parkway. These cameras have been in the planning stages for over a year and are close to completion. Here are a few key points to know as residents of Parkside at Mayfield Ranch:

The purpose of the cameras is twofold:

  1. To provide the Williamson County Sheriff's Department with a tool to help solve crimes when they happen in our neighborhood.

  2. To serve as a visual deterrent to crime by letting potential criminals know that we are proactive in crime prevention.

Summary of past planning for cameras

The camera planning has taken place for over a year and has been discussed in almost every HOA monthly meeting, as well as being communicated at the annual meeting and through the newsletter.

The planning process has been in-depth and included the following steps:

  • Working with the Williamson County Sheriff's Crime Investigation Unit to determine what types of information is most valuable to them and what types of cameras and images are most useful in the crime investigation process.

  • Working with security camera experts and providers to determine the best system and best pricing for the required technology.

  • Coordinating the installation of our electrical system upgrades (front and back) with the security camera installations.

  • Timing to have installation in place when the Parkside Parkway extension opens to 2243/Leander Road next year.

Note that Parkside Parkway will continue to be developed by the county as a continuous traffic artery that flows from Ronald Reagan to Hwy. 29 in Georgetown over the next 7 to 10 years.

Camera Usage

The cameras are for use by the Williamson County Sheriff's Department only, for investigation of crimes.

  • Neither the HOA nor the management company, SpectrumAM, has access.

  • The system will be under lock and key and is only available to Williams County Sheriff's Department at their request.

  • The system will not have any type of WiFi or other broadcast or remote access capability.

  • Access to images and data will be via direct download by the security firm for the Sheriff's Office only.

  • The technology is night vision capable license plate capture to record the traffic entering and exiting our neighborhood 24/7.

  • These cameras are intended to only capture information, not record crimes or check driving speed.

  • Additional signage will be added to warn potential criminals to avoid our neighborhood and look elsewhere.

Accessing camera records or footage

The HOA nor the management company, SpectrumAM, will have the ability to provide footage to any community members. The management company is not keeping records on behalf of the HOA and neither will have access. If a crime occurs, and the Sheriff's Department pulls data from the security system. In these cases, anyone may file an open records request with the Sheriff's Department regarding that specific incident.

Summary and Conclusion

These cameras have been discussed for quite some time at monthly board meetings and at the annual meeting, and have been well received by those attending. The need is clear and understood, as both a crime deterrent and a tool for resolution, as the area around our neighborhood experiences rapid growth. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend monthly board meetings to hear and discuss any current or future activities or plans for the neighborhood. Notice of all meetings is posted at least one week prior to the meeting. If you cannot attend a meeting, the minutes are posted in the HOA site documents section. You may also email the HOA board at

We certainly hope there is never a need for the cameras but want to make sure, should there be a need, we are prepared and doing our part to keep Parkside as safe and secure as possible.

Board or Directors

Parkside at Mayfield Ranch Master Community, Inc.

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